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Seasonal trackers pack is a great website I had heard a lot about it around my school. me and my BFF were talking at lunch and she looked at me and said " You should go check out this site it's called Seasonal trackers pack" so I told her I would. The first day I was on STP it was packed I was nervous and shy but then I warmed up to the site everyone was so nice and helpful I made a lot of new friends on STP and many more to come!
The whole role playas based around two seasons Winter and Summer the Winter clan members are the healers,purveyors,hunters,Savants,and mentors.The summer clan members are the Warriors,guardians,explorers,instructors,educators, and the pups. When you join seasonal trackers pack you must launch your character and then to role play when you reach 35 posts you are ready to do the ritual but first you have to train with your mentor after you have done that you will go on a quest to the top of Mountain Denali You roll a dice that randomly summons one of the spirits if you complete their task, you have the opportunity to see them again at the top of Denali and possibly train under them and their rank. Seasonal trackers has had a big impact on my life I was getting bullied at school and when I started seasonal trackers it changed me a lot it made me feel like I was free to do what ever I wanted you should join the site is under construction currently but you can still register and role play!
MoonShineSTP Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student Interface Designer
We really appreciate your view, Angel! It helps a lot to see what our members like and what we should improve on. We are also thrilled to see that not only you enjoy STP, but it helped you in real life! :D I have to agree with you, Angel, STP changed my life as well! We hope you continue to enjoy STP, well now LTW! :D
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